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June 15th, 2016 “Highly recommend Sandy Broker. Sandy supported our land sale and went the extra mile numerous times. Sandy is an excellent communicator with great follow-up skills, and was able to quickly find a number of well qualified buyers. We had difficult issues with encroachment and a clouded title on our land . Sandy coached and guided us with impeccable support in resolving all issues. Sandy style is to put the client first. On a scale of 1 to 10, we give Sandy a 12”.

Bill Franklin, Seller

We listed our vacant lot with Sandy and we found that she was market savy, media proficient and extremely knowledgable in all facets of real estate. Sandy always kept us up to date on inquiries and feedback. We closed the lot this week and it couldn’t have been an easier and more satisfying experience.

Lee & Genie Farris

“Sandy is wonderful! We have worked with a lot of realtors over the years. She is on top of things. She is the best! We will recommend her and use her again! Sandy will take care of those who are from out of town. She did so much for us I could write a book. Thank you my friend!!!”

T&J Green, Buyer

Sandy worked with my wife Susan which involved ultimately the purchase of a piece of property, which went very smoothly. Next she worked with us as the listing agent for our home which subsequently sold in under 30 days start to finish. It wasn’t an easy sale, but it went very smoothly in spite of multiple offers- which created complexity in the sale. Sandy has great diligence and a great ability to tie up all loose ends leaving no stone unturned we would highly recommend her.

Jim & Susan Claussen, Buyer and Seller

I have had the privilege of working with Sandy Broker as both a buyer and seller of property. Sandy has an excellent understanding of the tri-city market and listens to her clients about their needs. As an example, I was looking for an investment property in the tri-city area and I identified my general thoughts about the property that I wanted to invest in and how much I was willing to invest. Within a month Sandy contacted me and informed me that she had four or five properties to look at. She asked me if I was willing to think outside of the box and when she heard that I was she added another property to the list. When I looked at the properties I originally liked a piece of property that had unreasonable sellers. Sandy tried to work with the sellers but they couldn’t come to a decision about anything. After trying numerous times to work with the sellers Sandy recommended that we look at a different piece of property. She pointed out the views and the location and suggested that if I was looking for investment property this would be a parcel that a spec builder would soon be interested in. Sandy recommended, and arranged for, the building envelope and property boundaries to be marked and for someone to come out and clear a path to the building envelope. Within six weeks of listing the property I had an offer that was more than 50% above what I had paid for the property six months prior. Not a bad return on my investment!

In another instance I asked her to list a property that I wanted to sell quickly. I suggested a price and she believed that based on the location and market that I could increase my asking price by 20% and I would still get a quick offer. Sandy was right. I had a full cash offer within two days of listing the property.

I have listed numerous properties with Sandy and she always manages to identify something about the properties that I was unaware of. I purchased a piece of property about five years ago; the agent wasn’t sure where the property was and couldn’t tell me anything about the property. I couldn’t identify all of the property lines and I couldn’t figure out the dimensions of the property. I listed the property with two previous agents and they did almost nothing once they had the listing. When I listed the property with Sandy she started researching the history of the property and quickly found out that the reason that I couldn’t figure out the dimensions and boundaries was because the property had a shared driveway with the neighbor. The neighbor tried to claim the property was his through squatter’s rights but Sandy quickly set him straight. I would not have known about the shared driveway if it hadn’t been for Sandy’s determination to understand as much as she can about the properties that she lists or the properties that she researches for buyers.

And on top of her unparalleled professionalism she is very friendly and easy to talk to. I would recommend that anyone looking to list or buy property or a home give Sandy a call and talk to her. You will not be sorry, and if nothing else you will make a new friend.

Robert Nilles

Sandy is fantastic with how detailed she is and her follow through. She also does her homework for her clients and provides valuable market insights for my investors and I. She knows her markets and illuminates the pro’s and con’s of each real estate decision we make. Emblematic of her level of service is how warm, friendly and knowledgeable she is with her clients…I base large financial decisions on her advice and hence would recommend Sandy to anyone who wants a hard working realtor who does her homework!!

Premier Homes, Buyer and Seller

Sandy is one of the best realtors I’ve worked with and that is saying a lot since my background is real estate for the past 35 years. Her appraisal background gives her a depth of knowledge that is difficult to match and is enhanced by her people skills as well as her empathy. Thank you Sandy for all you have done and continue to do. I consider you a dear friend!

Patti Potts, Buyer and Seller

My wife, Kathy, and I recently closed on the purchase of an unimproved lot in Prescott Lakes. Our broker, Sandy Broker, deserves all of the credit for shepherding this transaction through to a timely completion. She had the right surveyor on board before the contract was fully signed. The survey showed a possible encroachment issue. Had she not been on top of everything there is no way the Grant of Easement to address that issue would ever have been completed to permit escrow to close on the day scheduled. Moreover, her resume includes experience as an appraiser, a fundamental real estate skill which serves well in any real estate purchase transaction, and was particularly beneficial in this one. Kathy and I have no reservations, whatsoever, in recommending Sandy to anyone needing a knowledgeable, reliable and committed professional to help with their purchase or sale.

Harvey and Kathy Migdal-August 8, 2015

The picture show you put together on our property looks great. Beautiful. Thank you. Started to think about returning to build that house! Kidding.

Gary, Seller

Hi Sandy,
Performed a search online which brought up realtor.comcontaining your name, company, property details and 28 pictures.
Excellent description which warmed my heart to see additional pictures capturing the neighborhood, privacy and great views.
Thanks for your thoroughness, clarity and style.

Bill, Seller

Sandy Broker is the best! Her outstanding knowledge, competence, and energy helped us get a fabulous price for our property in a remakably short time. I highly recommend her!

Hartl, Seller

Sandy is a great person to have sell your home in the Tri city Area (Prescott) Az. She has the appraisal background in the area to give an honest price for selling any property. I enjoyed her spunky attitude as well as the way she handled other realtor agents in a professional manner. She is always available and followed through on all my needs for selling my home. Great work!

Bobbie, Seller

Sandy helped us with anything we needed in a courteous prompt manner. She was vibrant and fun and it was a pleasure to get to know her and work with her during our home purchase. We would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a good realtor.

Holloway, Buyers

Sandy helped us with any questions we had in a prompt and courteous manner. She was fun to be around and made our experience so much more enjoyable. We would highly recommend her as a realtor if someone is looking for a hard working and personable agent.

Joann, Buyers

I don’t hand out this many stars without a good reason. Sandy met all my wants in buying land to build a house. Presented my offer to the seller the first day. Start to finish within 1 week ,all the paper work, closing and all. Hard to believe but true. I will use her again. Thx sandy

Bob, Buyer

I am a joker when I feel it is OK to do so. I can also be very, very serious when it is right. Kitty and I are very serious when we said you are far and away the best real estate agent we have been around. Thank you for the way you do your job. You make it enjoyable by taking care of everything and for being quick to act and react. It will be easy to recommend you.

DKB, Buyer

Sandy Broker is an outstanding realtor! She is professional in every way, knowledgeable, personable, up to date on trends and market changes. From her initial presentation before I hired her to the final closing procedures, Sandy demonstrated that she was the best choice. I would hire her again in a heartbeat, and I highly recommend her!

carolynandblue , Seller

I worked with Sandy Broker last Fall, at the recommendation of friends who are also her clients. I was not disappointed. Sandy did a thorough job of assessing my requirements, built a database I could access and dynamically correspond with her through this to create a “view in person” list. I only needed 2 one-day visits toPrescott to come upon the perfect home, thanks to her intuitive sense about what I really should see, not just what I thought I wanted to see! She brought me to a home I instantly fell in love with, then walked through with her appraiser’s eye to identify those things I should be on alert for. She brought in qualified contractors to further evaluate, supervising them and forwarding their results to me, back once again in my distant location. With her thorough explanations and recommendations, I was able to prioritize those items I wanted the seller to reimburse me for, and negotiated a deal whereby I could receive buyer credit and then see that the work was done to my standards and at my convenience. Now many months after I’ve come to own and enjoy my new home, we continue to stay in touch, as she is such a lovely person. I know that you will enjoy her professionalism and her personal style.

Patricia Wagner, Buyer

Sandy is an awesome realtor. When my father passed away I had to sell his home which was something I have not dealt with in years. Sandy walked me through the entire process step by step and kept me informed as to where we were at in the process along the way. She also went above and beyond when there was an issue with getting the septic inspection done. She contacted the neighbors to get permission for the pump truck to use their driveway in order to reach the septic tank. When the owner of the septic company did not submit the report as promised with one day left to get it done, Sandy found another company that was able to do what was needed in a matter or hours. What a life saver! Sandy went over every page of the contract to make sure I understood what I was signing and answered all my questions. Sandy is very meticulous and honest. So with this being said, why use any other realtor to sell or buy a home when you can have the best of the best.

Sue Carter, Seller

Sandy Broker

140 N Montezuma Street
Prescott, AZ  86301